Nutri Meal Plans [eBook]

Nutri Meal Plans [eBook]

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You will get:

✓ eBook “Nutri Meal Plans”


Format of the eBook

The eBook is 202 pages long. The redesigned pdf format guarantees a very pleasant reading experience on any device. It can be comfortably read on a computer, tablet, smartphone and ebook readers.

Your personal 1,500-kcal and 2,000-kcal meal plans.
Healthy eating for busy people.

 Simple visual recipes, dedicated to those who are busy.
 The meals are nutritious, gluten-free and 100% plant-based.
 Each recipe has a list of the 34 nutrients it contains.
 At first glance, you may have the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare meals and estimate their nutritional value.
Full freedom in composing menus (hundreds of possibilities).

This book will help you achieve your desired body weight and an energy level that will amaze you. Above all, however, it will simplify your life.

The idea behind this book was to help those who want to eat well.

We created the book we needed ourselves on a daily basis. We lacked not only simple and easy-to-use vegan recipes, but also fully nutritious menus to provide us with the energy we needed to deal with the load of everyday tasks. We have repeatedly wondered whether we were getting what we needed and in the correct quantities. Even if we know which products are the most nutritious, we do not have the time to do the math and make sure we cover all nutrient requirements. We needed a tool that would make it easier for us to eat well every day. And that’s how we created a kind of a personal dietitian to help you reach both your desired body weight and an incredible level of energy. Above all, however, it will make your life easier.

Hundreds of menus – simplicity and convenience

It is up to you what your menu will look like. The book contains 70 simple and highly nutritious visual recipes, each in 1,500- and 2,000-kcal versions of the diet. This book is divided into 5 sections: breakfasts, sweet snacks, lunches, salty snacks and dinners. All dishes within each group have the same calorific value. You can compose your menu freely, choosing the flavors you like best and the dishes you have the time to prepare. This solution offers hundreds of possibilities, diversity and flexibility. You not only see at a glance how to prepare them, but also what their nutritious value is.

Detailed list of nutrients

Each dish comes with a detailed list of the 33 nutrients it contains, along with the nutrient requirements it covers. When we realized how much we’ve learned by analyzing the nutrient composition of our dishes, we decided to share it with you. We wanted everyone to be able to see what was hidden behind a recipe, which helps build nutritious awareness.