Nutri Diet [eBook]

Nutri Diet [eBook]

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✓ eBook "Nutri Diet"


Format of the eBook

The eBook is 304 pages long. The redesigned pdf format guarantees a very pleasant reading experience on any device. It can be comfortably read on a computer, tablet, smartphone and ebook readers.

Nutri Diet

This eBook was inspired by questions that I could not find an answer to. When I started to change my lifestyle a few years ago and tried to eat healthy, I continuously came across contradictory or completely false information. I no longer knew what was right and what was wrong. I had so many questions. What is good for me? What makes my body function well? What gives me strength and energy? And how do I spot another myth about nutrition that will be exposed in six months? How should I balance my diet to make sure I’m getting everything I need? The Nutri Diet is my answer to the confusion created by the fictional discourse about food.

What are the benefits of the Nutri Diet?

✓ Managing your diet will become much easier. You’ll get past all ad hoc and superficial methods. You’ll have access to a reliable source of information based entirely on the recommendations of the leading healthcare institutions.

✓ You’ll have peace of mind that your diet provides your body with everything you need.
✓ You’ll provide yourself with the maximum amount of all the nutrients you need, even if you work out intensely.
✓ You’ll regain your health, energy and a great figure. You’ll lose weight easily and healthily, without any nutrient deficiencies or the yo-yo effect lurking around the corner.

This is my answer to all the confusion about healthy diets

Every day we are bombarded with nutrition and health tips, such as “quick ways to get a flat stomach” or “5 ways to have a beautiful complexion”. Time and again we hear about new miracle diets and that the previous ones were wrong … or they worked, but dangerously backfired and ended up causing kidney failure or other health problems. We lose weight, feel better for a while, then we experience the yo-yo effect… and feel angry and frustrated. More and more businesses are deceiving us with immediate and quick solutions to all problems, including those related to health. So much dietary confusion!

In search of the truth

I have the soul of a researcher and refuse to believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. I also conducted an in-depth analysis of 40 key nutrients contained in 460 food products. I reviewed altogether 18,000 data records. This data, combined with the guidelines of the leading scientific institutions, gave me a glimpse of what a Nutri Diet should be like – rich in nutrients and perfectly balanced to truly nourish the body. Completely different from the way most of us eat today.

The perfect weight is merely a side effect

Very often, when we want to get healthier and slim down, we only focus on body weight. This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. When you want to lose weight by focusing solely on reducing body fat, you may appear to be perfectly healthy. But this will only conceal your actual problems with a patch that will peel off after some time and reveal a deep wound. After all, a slim figure results naturally from good health, and not the other way around – a normal body weight is not the best indicator of internal health. And even if you are interested in a slim figure more than a healthy body, the only permanent way to achieve it is to take good care of your health. That is what this book is about – a diet which will help you recover your health. A dream figure is just a nice side effect.